Interoperability - Revit, Allplan



In last years, we have experienced an increase in the application of the BIM methodology an intensive use of Autodesk REVIT as the tool for BIM management. Therefore, beside our Open BIM support, we have invested in the extension of the proprietary link with Autodesk REVIT. The user can easily export his analytical model from Autodesk REVIT and use it in SCIA Engineer, where he can design and check the whole structure. This link is compatible with the latest version of Autodesk REVIT 2018. Below, you can find all new and improved features which are included in this release.

One of the enhancement included in the new release is multi-language support for Revit link. This link brings also improvements to automatic material mapping and improvements to automatic cross-section mapping for standard steel sections and for standard concrete section shapes. Together with these mentioned improvements, there are changes in the user interface for selection of the equivalent sections and materials. New is also the support of high-strength concrete.

Allplan users has now option to run SCIA Engineer directly from their program. Allplan is generating IFC file compatible with SCIA Engineer format and automatically launches SCIA Engineer.

Improved user friendliness of material mapping in link with Revit
Improved user friendliness of cross-section mapping in link with Revit
Launch of SCIA Engineer directly from Allplan with exported model