Engineering Report in version 17



Creating the final documentation or the report is one of the essential parts of the design process. In this version of SCIA Engineer, engineers find a big improvement regarding the speed and stability of the Engineering Report, as wells as some minor improvements to make the whole workflow easier and less time-consuming.

Fast and reliable inserting of big pictures inside the Engineering Report
An easy way to insert content from Microsoft Excel
Extend the graphical results with more information
Independent path for inserting user templates.

Speed improvement

In this version of SCIA Engineer, sending a large live picture to the Engineering Report becomes faster than before. Thanks to the technology applied, the time is dramatically reduced, as well as the size of the pictures, which turn results in a smaller final Engineering Report file.

Workflow improvements

1. Possibility to insert external calculation from Microsoft Excel into theEngineering Report. In addition, users can edit the content of the calculation inside the Excel sheet and get the update automatically after the regeneration of the Engineering Report.

The workflow is very simple, the user just needs to select the path to the selected Excel file from the property menu and then he can use the edit button to select the content.

Moreover, many other possibilities are available to fit the selected sheet inside the Engineering Report.

2. Collecting the External item in one group separated from the Special item group.

3. Bugs fixing for better results.

4. Independent path for report template. Thanks to this feature, it becomes practical to save user templates anywhere on the hard disk and use them to generate a new report.

5. Possibility to edit 1D and 2D drawings setup inside the Engineering Report.