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Currently, we see the rising demand on BIM collaboration. SCIA has been active in this field for past several years. Being a part of the Nemetschek Group we can adopt and useBimplus portal and its tools. Bimplus portal is a powerful tool for cross-system and interdisciplinary cooperation and it is open to all software in the construction sector, collaboration via standard formats such as IFC and BCF. The advantage of such system is an easy collaboration and sharing of models and information related to them. If you are interested in getting more information visit Bimplus portal.

Nowadays, it is common to create a digital model of the structure in a CAD program. The architect creates what is called a structural model in his favourite software e.g. Allplan. For every structure it has to be proven that it can resists the applied load and that it meets any other conditions specified in relevant building codes. This is a task for a structural engineer and SCIA Engineer. But there is the painful task of creating a digital model suitable for analytical calculation. Usually, it costs a lot of effort to make this model from scratch. However, thanks to BIM, there is a way how to export the structural model created by the architect to analytical programs such as SCIA Engineer. A frequently used solution is the IFC file format. The engineer can easily import this file to SCIA Engineer and create analytical model with the help of a powerful BIM Toolbox. Once the analytical model is created, the engineer can make all necessary steps to prove that structure is safe. This task is often complex and requires a closes cooperation between the architect and the engineer. And this cooperation can be significantly streamlined via the Bimplus portal and its Task board. The SCIA Engineer user can import the IFC file from this portal, create the analytical model and upload this model to the portal. When done, he can use the Task board for the communication not only with the architect but also with the whole team linked to the Bimplusportal. They can create, read and answer tasks, solve issues etc. Moreover, they can use the revision system to back up the progress of their work.

Real-time collaboration
Easy sharing of models
Tracking issues, tasks

Revision system

Allplan collaboration