Parametric Batch Optimiser

This excel file 'replaces' the functionality of the (old) Parametric Batch Optimiser module (esa.23). Using incremental steps in the parameters, the user can easily optimize his structures. The user defines a SCIA Engineer project and parametrizes it. With this excel file you can run this specific project. The calculated results will generate a complete output data set, from which you can determine the set of parameters that lead to the optimised result.


Before using this excel file, you will have to prepare your project file in SCIA Engineer.

  1. Make a SCIA Engineer project
    • Use the 'v16, and older' postprocessor environment
    • Select Functionality: 'Parametric Input' and 'Document'
  2. Open Tools > Parameters to add parameters (using module esa.11 - Parametric modelling) to your project.
    • Your project must contain value-parameters and can also contain formula-parameters.
    • You will be able to calculate your project for a 'range' of values, for one of more of these value-parameters.
  3. Open the Tools > XML IO Document in SCIA Engineer
    • We have provided a template file for the XML IO Document. This is the file Params.TDX.
    • Open/Import this template file (Params.TDX) in the XML IO Document -- the template file only contains one table.
    • Export this table with value-parameters, while selecting the option Unicode.
  4. Open the Document in SCIA Engineer
    • Add tables with the results that you want to export for each set of value-parameters
    • These tables will be imported back into this excel file.
    • Tip: try to limit the exported results to a necessary minimum, because this will drastically improve the speed.
  5. Save this SCIA Engineer


  1. The XML file that was exported in step 3 must be selected in the BatchOptimiser-sheet (see: XML file)
  2. The SCIA Engineer project that was saved in step 5 must be selected in the BatchOptimiser-sheet (see: ESA file)

This is not official SCIA software and is delivered without any warranty, so always verify the imported data.

If you have any feedback, comments, requests, please feel free to contact us at our e-mail