Input Line Loads on Beams via Excel


Excel VBA-based tool to import the defined line loads on Beams into SCIA Engineer

Input the parameters for line loads on beams. Very useful when you have to add a lot of line loads, or when you want to ‘generate’ these loads yourself, and import them into SCIA Engineer.


Macros need to be enabled for this tool to work.

  1. Make a backup copy of your SCIA Engineer project
  2. Creating a set of Line Load on Beam properties in this excel workbook
    • Go to the Input-sheet in this excel workbook
    • Input a value for 'id' and 'Name'
      • Item 'id' is an integer number and must be unique
      • Item 'Name' is the name of the Line Load, and must be unique
    • Input columns 'Load Case', …
      • here you can input the different Line Load on Beam properties
  3. Exporting the Line Load on Beam from this excel workbook
    • Go to the Input-sheet in this excel workbook
    • Click the [Export Line Loads on Beams]-button
    • Input a name for the XML-file that will contain the definitions of the Effective css properties
  4. Importing the exported Line Load on Beam into Scia Engineer
    • Open SCIA Engineer
    • Open the .esa project from point 1. (see above)
    • Select File > Update > XML, and select the exported XML file from point 3. (see below)

This is not official SCIA software and is delivered without any warranty, so always verify the imported data.

If you have any feedback, comments, requests, please feel free to contact us at our e-mail [email protected].