HSS Design Tools Pack

The SCIAHSS Design Tools Pack, is a new software for the design of hollow structural sections (HSS) members and connections. Developed in conjunction with the Steel Tube Institute, the SCIAHSS Design Tools Pack is a powerful suite of engineering checks to aid engineers in the design of HSS beams and columns, as well as their connections. Unlike other engineering software that may be a “black-box,” the SCIAHSS Design Tools Pack output shows the formulas and methods used in the calculation, so results are completely verifiable. HSS Calculations Reports can be shown as a brief summary of the results or as a detailed output, which includes all the formulas that were used to derive the calculation.

The SCIAHSS Design Tools Pack, includes checks for:

  • HSS Column Shear Tab Connection
  • HSS Column Moment Connections
    • Through Plate
    • Continuous Beam with Cap Plate
    • Directly Welded
  • HSS Simply Supported Beam
  • HSS Column, including Filled Composite Column
  • HSS Column Base Plate


The calculations cover all required limit states according to AISC 360-10: Specification for Structural Steel Buildings.



This is not official SCIA software and is delivered without any warranty, so always verify the imported data.

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