Detailed connection drawings (esadt.02)



The esadt.02 module provides a wizard for the automatic generation of assembly drawings (details) for steel connections. The provided connection monodrawings contain information about end-plates, stiffeners, welds, etc. and can be edited and elaborated with, among other things, text and dimension lines. The drawings can then be integrated in the general arrangement drawings (see information about module esadt.01).

The wizard allows for detail drawings to be created for all or for selected connections in the model.
Any detail drawing may be shown in 2D or 3D, from any selected viewpoint.
The generated pictures can be edited in the Picture gallery; optionally, these can be set to "noneditable".
When generating the pictures, the user may select to generate front/side views of the whole connection, and/or pictures of individual connection components.
Weld symbols according to ISO 2553 are added automatically on the drawings; nevertheless, the user may select to not have these on the drawings.


The drawings are made according to rules defined by the user, which makes it easy to maintain e.g. a unified company style:

  • The pictures can be rendered in different ways - wireframe, rendered; hidden edges can be shown as continuous lines, as dashed lines, or removed from the drawings;
  • the drawing scale is user defined, as well as line and text size, linestyles;
  • A variety of character sets are available to support localisation;
  • Basic dimension lines or adjustable labels can be added automatically or manually;
  • Other elements such as dimension lines, labels, leads and other graphical entities (solids, surfaces, lines, curves, texts) can be added manually;
  • All generated pictures are stored in the gallery and can be edited in the integrated graphical editor at any time, including display parameters (e.g. size of clipping volume, scale).

Final drawing layout

After the connection monodrawings are added to the general arrangement drawings of the structure, the documented drawings can be organised into the final drawing layout in the paperspace editor:

  • Paperspace editor allows for fast preparation of stamps including inserted logos, automatic texts, frames etc.
  • Any drawing can be saved as a template.
  • “Automatic texts” (e.g. project name, author, date, time etc.,) can be added to the drawing.
  • All pictures inserted to the drawing keep their 3D information, which enables additional changes to their properties (e.g. scale, rendering or hidden line mode, view direction).
  • All drawings can be exported to CAD programmes.