Steel Design

Code checks with very detailed report, including references to appropriate code clauses and formulas for comprehensive, reliable and easy-to-verify design.
Checks according to the Eurocodes (many National Annexes included), U.S. codes, and many other civil engineering codes
Eurocode National Annexes include: Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Ireland, Netherlands, Poland, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, United Kingdom, Malaysia, Singapore. (The overview table is available here ...)
Code checks include section and stability checks, detailed buckling and lateral torsional buckling analysis. In addition lateral torsional buckling analysis can be carried out using a second order analysis (LTB II).
Automatic determination of buckling lengths with manual adaptations as well as the derivation of the buckling curves from a stability analysis.
Use of the buckling shape as an imperfection for 2nd order analysis.
Fire resistance checks (resistance domain, temp/time domain, parametric fire curves, different types of insulations).
Optimization of cross-sections: automatic resizing of the cross-section shape.
Relative deflection check.
Cold formed sections: effective section calculation for any cross-section shape including distortional buckling of stiffeners, advanced options for local transverse forces and special purlin checks for purlins supported by sheetings.
Design of connections for different connection types (rigid, pinned, bolted, welded, ...) including customizable geometry like stiffeners, haunches, backing plates, ...
Automatic determination of the connection stiffness and its re-use in the analysis.
Expert system for optimal selection of a connection from an integrated library and the possibility to store connections for use in future projects.
MS Excel check - possibility to display in SCIA Engineer the results of checks performed in MS Excel in order to integrate a calculation in MS Excel with the overall design in SCIA Engineer.