Clash Detection (esa.25)



Clash check is a tool for automatically searching of conflicts between structures. The software checks selected items in the model and calculates intersections between them. It is used mainly on imported projects to search intersections - for example the ventilation tubes through the wall, the heating systems and so on.

Automatic check for detecting collisions between members (1D-1D, 1D-2D, 2D-2D).

This module is part of the BIM Toolbox but is available as a separate module as well.

It allows users to find collisions between members (1D-1D, 1D-2D, 2D-2D) as well as between members and solids

The detected collisions are listed in the collision tree and highlighted in the 3D-window

Display options:

  • Show tree of clashes
  • Show collision description
  • Show transparent structure

The clash check is performed on a selection of members. The user opts for:

  • The whole structure
  • A selection based on ONE single GROUP
  • A selection based on TWO GROUPS

The selection itself can be a:

  • User selection: The user selects the members he wants to include in the check manually
  • Layer: The user specifies the layer he wants to include in the check
  • Named selection: The user specifies the named selection he wants to include in the check
  • Element type: The user specifies the type of entities he wants to include in the check
    • Solids
    • 1D members
    • 2D members
    • Free bars