Train loads (esas.04)



The esas.04 module Train loads allows users to generate quasi-moving loads on slabs:

  • The passing of predefined groups of forces along a track is simulated as a series of load cases. Each load case corresponds to a location of the load on the track;
  • The number of considered positions depends on a user-defined step size;
  • The critical position of the load groups may be established as results are presented in the form of envelope functions on the 3D model;
  • The loaded slabs may be flat or curved.

Generation and repositing of complex groups of moving loads on slabs.
Arbitrarily shaped trajectories (tracks) may contain straight or curved parts.
Automatic generation of load cases for each load position.
Tracking the critical positions for load groups on defined tracks.
Envelope results provide extreme internal forces, extreme stresses and deformations.

Force groups

  • Groups of forces may be contain concentrated and uniformly distributed loads, surface and free loads;
  • By default, defined force groups move along the tracks as a "rigid body";
  • Turning points may be defined within long force groups, in order to represent a long vehicle turning on a track;
  • Groups of forces may be stored and shared among projects;
  • A set of predefined force groups according to EN 1991 standard is provided;