SCIA Engineer is offered in several Editions tailored to the needs of specific groups of users. Each Edition offers a set of features that are typical for the target group of users. The Concept, Professional and Expert Editions focus on analysis and design. The Structural Edition is a special Edition for engineers who specialise in modelling and interoperability. Moreover, any Edition can be extended by separate additional options.


SCIA Engineer Editions - Choose the one that suits you best...







Geometry modelling in 3D: straight or curved beams, columns, walls, slabs, shells including intersections
Productivity toolbox: table input, storeys, project templates, etc.
Engineering Report
General cross-section editor  
Parametric modelling  


BIM Toolbox: conversion from structural model to analysis model, revision management, etc.
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Tekla link
Etabs link  


Load panels
Climatic loads: generator of wind and snow loads
Mobile loads: influence lines, critical position, one group of mobile load, code-defined load groups  
Advanced mobile loads: support for multiple load groups,    
Train loads: generation of load positions along a track    


Linear analysis
Material non-linear analysis: ties, soil supports, non-linear springs, gaps
Geometrical non-linear analysis: 2nd order, large displacements
Stability analysis
Advanced non-linear analysis: surface elements resisting only pressure, friction springs, general plasticity  
Analysis of cables, membranes    
Non-linear stability analysis    
Soil interaction, non-linear soil supports in frames    
Material non-linearity in concrete frames    
Dynamics: eigenmodes analysis
Dynamics: earthquake, harmonic load, time-history  
Construction Stages    
Sequential analysis    
Modelling and analysis of prestressing    


Design of reinforced concrete members; Calculation of long-term deflections
Fire resistance design of concrete members  
Design of prestressed concrete    
Design of steel members
Fire resistance design of steel members  
Cold-formed steel design  
Analysis of plastic hinges in steel frames  
Steel connections design  
Composite floor design  
Design of timber members
Foundation pad design
Open Design  
Load combinations and special checks for bridges    


Picture gallery, Paperspace, import & export of DXF/DWG
General arrangement drawings  
Steel connection drawings  

Optional modules

Composite column design      
Design of steel members - lateral torsional buckling (2nd order)      
Design of aluminium members      
Design of scaffolding      
3D free form modeller; ODA; Parametric batch optimisation      
Pushover analysis with ECTools      

Please note that the content and selection of the editions and individual modules within are subject to change at any time. Please contact SCIA for the latest information.