Additional packages


SCIA Engineer is a modular system which makes it possible to address the whole range of users and offer the solution that fits into particular demands. Generally, SCIA Engineer is offered in Editions that are composed for the needs of specific groups of engineers. Moreover, to meet specific demands of customers who do not need full Editions or who focus on just a few types of engineering tasks, SCIA Engineer is available also in special tailored packages.

FEM Editions

Should you belong to the group of engineers who analyse structures and calculate internal forces, reactions and stresses without performing the code-defined checks you can be attracted by SCIA Engineer FEM Packages. Regardless of the field of mechanics you work in you can take advantage of these packages that offer the full range of modelling and calculation capabilities of SCIA Engineer. Also preparation of reports documenting the calculation including pictures with result diagrams is available with unlimited functionality.

Eurocode-Frame Editions

The EC-Frame Editions are available that offer the same functionality as the Standard Editions but allow the user to work with frames (2D and 3D) only and perform the checks just according to the Eurocodes.

Extension and upgrade of packages

If you extend your field of interest and your current package does not any more reflect your needs, it can be easily upgraded to any higher package or Edition. Similarly, if you have specific needs and need a tailor made configuration of SCIA Engineer, any of the Editions can be extended by separate additional modules.