SCIA Concrete Section EN 1992-1-1


License code: 10200

SCIA Concrete Section is a stand-alone application for the verification of reinforced concrete cross-sections, developed within the Design Forms environment. It offers a wide range of checks at the ultimate and serviceability limit states, in compliance with EN 1992-1-1. All checks are supported for predefined as well as arbitrary cross-section shapes. The reinforced cross-section may be subject to uniaxial or biaxial bending in combination with normal force, shear forces and torsion. Results are displayed in a numerical as well as a graphical way, including dynamic images of interaction diagrams and stress / strain distributions.

SCIA Concrete Section is a fast and intuitive calculation tool that is bound to make your daily work more efficient and pleasant. Quick check or detailed analysis? Your choice!


  • Verification of a reinforced concrete cross-section in compliance with EN 1992-1-1:2004/AC:2010-11, including country-specific parameters according to the main standard and a wide range of national annexes
  • Cross-section library with
    • Selection of predefined cross-section shapes (rectangle, circle, T, …) and corresponding reinforcement templates, for both stirrups and longitudinal reinforcement bars
    • Definition of general cross-section shapes and arbitrary reinforcement positions by means of co-ordinates
  • Cross-section loaded by by N, My, Mz, Vy, Vz and/or T
  • Self-explanatory input dialogue
  • High performance: adaptations to input data are immediately reflected in the output window
  • Clear, transparent reporting, giving the user insight in the calculation and assisting him/her in dealing with the Eurocode
  • Level of output detail chosen by the user (Summary table, Brief, Standard, Detailed, Internal Forces)
  • Dynamic images accompanying the numerical output:
    • Drawing of cross-section incl. reinforcement layout
    • Stress and strain distributions in different limit states
    • 2D prints of 3D interaction diagrams
  • Summary table with the result status of all checks
  • Error/Warning/Note system to inform about possible issues
  • Print and export to several file formats (e.g. PDF), including personalized header and footer
  • Language of GUI and report output to be set separately by the user
  • Support of multiple loading sets per limit state

Content of the calculation

For member type 'Beam'

  • Concrete cover calculation
  • Creep coefficient calculation

For member type 'Column' (as addition to member type 'Beam')

  • Slenderness check
  • Calculation of 2nd order bending moments (if required) and moments due to geometric imperfections

Checks at Ultimate Limit State:

  • Capacity check for N-My-Mz interaction by interaction diagram methods
  • Check of ultimate stresses and strains for N-My-Mz interaction by response check
  • Check of interaction for for Vy-Vz-T (shear & torsion)
  • Detailing provisions check

Checks at Serviceability Limit State:

  • Stress limitation (for concrete as well as reinforcing steel)
  • Crack width limitation
  • Limitation of deflection

Design of longitudinal and shear reinforcement on Ultimate Limit State combination

For calculations going beyond the initial scope of EN 1992-1-1, advanced generic algorithms – in full compliance with the Eurocode assumptions – have been implemented.

Available Standards & National annexes

Standard EN 1992-1-1:2004/AC:2010-11; National annexes: ÖNORM, NBN, BS, ČSN, NEN, SFS, NF, DIN, ELOT, IS, LU, MAL, PN, SR, SS (Singapore), STN, SIST, SS (Sweden)