Geometrical nonlinear analysis surfaces (esas.11)



The esas.11 module allows you to perform second order calculation on structures including surface elements (plates and shells). It includes the calculation of the structure in deformed condition, taking into account the P-Delta effect (initial displacements and member imperfections) as well as the influence of normal forces on the stiffness.

Easy-to-use modelling of special types of structural members.
Simple application of special types of analysis.
Possibility to run multiple analysis (linear, non-linear ...) in a batch.
Manual and automatic mesh refinement.

Second order analysis can be performed on initially deformed structure taking into account geometric imperfections (initial deformations and member imperfections):

  • Bow imperfection on beams specified by the user or according to Eurocode
  • Global imperfection specified by the user or according to Eurocode
  • General buckling shape from the stability analysis

Two calculation methods are available:

  • The Timoshenko method can assess building structures with small horizontal deformations where the normal force in the elements remains constant during second-order calculations;
  • The Newton-Raphson method determines effects under gradually applied loads. This method is optimal for structures with significant deformations, where the normal force in the elements changes during calculations.