Construction stages - Frame - nonlinear (esas.28)



As an extension to the linear calculation of construction stages (esas.27), this module considers in a specific stage the geometry of the deformed construction from the previous stage. In SCIA Engineer, this analysis type can be applied to 3D frame structures.

Successive assembling or casting of structural elements.
Progressive construction of cross-sections.
Gradual application of loads and prestressing.
Changes of boundary conditions.
Removal of temporary structural elements.
  • Non linear analysis of each stage. Non linearities which can be included:
    • Non linear supports.
    • Beam non linearity (e.g. tension or compression only).
    • Non linear hinges.
    • Geometrical non linearity (P-Delta effect).
  • The initial Stress/Strain values for a stage are taken from the calculated result of the previous stage.
  • Evolution of the static system of the structure in each stage is taken into account through:
    • addition or removal of structural members,
    • addition or removal of supports,
    • progressive construction of cross-sections (phased cross-sections),
    • gradual application of loads and prestressing (when combined with Pre-tensioning module, esas.40).