SCIA Engineer 19 - Design Accelerated


Reduce the time spent on your project with SCIA Engineer 19 that expands the array of possibilities for multi-storey buildings, streamlines workflows for various analysis types and increases the speed of basic operations.

SCIA Engineer 19 brings multiple workflow improvements as well as many new functionalities that will help you handle the analysis of multi-storey buildings and other civil engineering structures with minimum effort while simultaneously increasing the overall efficiency of standard day-to-day tasks.

With SCIA Engineer 19 you will deliver your projects faster thanks to (i) the design accelerated by automation in all the design modules, (ii) improved understanding of the response to applied loads and (iii) optimisation through parametric design and integration of SCIA Engineer into any tailored solution.

Accelerated design

Deliver accurate, economical and clearly documented design with minimum effort thanks to new functions like automated design of practical reinforcement in concrete beams, enhanced optimisation for studs in composite floors, camber in design of steel members, etc.

Improved understanding of the structure

Have full control over your structure and understand its response using analysis of masonry walls with contact elements, integration members for shear walls or bridges, absence for simulation of constructions stages, stiffness modifiers, extended display options for results, etc.

Optimisation with parametric design

Move your work to a next level with the parametric design capabilities of SCIA Engineer. Take the advantage of the updated XML interface or a brand-new Open API to build your own solution to deliver the most economical, eye-pleasing variant of the project fast and with minimum of manual work.


Concrete design

And several more improvements related to national codes and Eurocode national annexes... (read more)

Steel design

Composite design

Analysis and results

Interoperability and BIM

And updates of Tekla and Revit links... (read more)

General usability