SCIA Engineer 18.0


SCIA Engineer 18: streamlined usability, advanced material design and extended BIM links

SCIA Engineer 18 moves the software to the next level in terms of usability, material design and interoperability. We have enhanced usability with streamlined basic operations and more automatic workflows, improved integration into BIM workflows with upgraded Revit and Tekla links and added new design capabilities for advanced materials and construction systems.

More than ever before, we engaged our users in developing and testing SCIA Engineer 18; from getting user feedback at conferences, through customer service and surveys, to having users directly select their top three enhancements for version 18. What’s more, users participating in our SCIA Insider program reviewed and tested some the new functionalities, providing valuable feedback and shaping this new release together with our development team.

SCIA Engineer 18 brings you:

  • Enhanced usability with streamlined workflows for more effective work and faster learning of the software
  • Advanced materials and floor systems expanding the array of possibilities for multi-material design (steel fibre reinforced concrete, autodesign of composite floors, structural glass design…)
  • Extended information flow in BIM with upgraded roundtrip links to Revit and Tekla Structures

Enhanced usability with streamlined workflows

Whether you are an experienced user or new to SCIA Engineer, the simplified workflows, default settings and other usability improvements will help you get started on new projects fast, make your work more efficient and save you time.

Advanced materials and floor systems

Ready to deliver economical, clearly documented designs for new materials and floor systems? The new extensions to concrete and composite design will help you. Moreover, SCIA Engineer is the first 3D structural analysis software to provide an integrated solution for steel-fibre reinforced concrete design.

Extended information flow in BIM

The upgraded Revit and Tekla links now boast an extended information support to bridge the gap to concrete and steel detailing.