SCIA Engineer 17 - Boosting your productivity


Work faster, with more precision and transparency

SCIA Engineer 17 brings a large number of new features and improvements dedicated to boosting the productivity of the structural engineer. All of them are supported by cutting edge technologies to provide SCIA Engineer users with higher speed, increased overall efficiency and transparency to power the day-to-day work as well as challenging and special projects.

The newly developed enhancements spread over five areas:

  • design of concrete structures
  • design of steel structures
  • interoperability and BIM
  • loads and load generators
  • overall usability.

A large part of these new features and functionalities were designed based on our clients’ input. And for the first time, version 17 also brings usability enhancements directly selected by our customers.


Concrete Design to EN1992-1-1

A comprehensive and robust solution for the design of concrete columns, beams, slabs, walls and shells featuring an efficient, logical and time-saving workflow.

During recent years, SCIA has been focusing on delivering a brand new Eurocode concrete design tool that combines the sophisticated methods from the codes, a user-friendly environment, clarity of presented results, and a logical running workflow.

The complete new workflow for the design of 1D and 2D concrete members is now available under the Concrete service. Advanced functions like design of prestressing, as well as the old solution for concrete design is under the Concrete Advanced service.

The overall solution for the design of concrete structures is summarised in a separate article. (read more)

Steel Design

Economical design, clear and verifiable output, and increased speed in the design of steel structures.

Steel design in SCIA Engineer 17 offers a technologically improved solution for Eurocodes. The new solution allows for design of more economical (lighter) profiles thanks to the implementation of recommendations resulting from recent scientific research. The output document is well-structured and clearly understandable to allow for any verification of the calculation and its results.

Design of composite slabs


Effective collaboration with partners, real-time task management.

As BIM (Building Information Modelling) is being increasingly adopted as a solution for effective creation and sharing of project information among stakeholders in the construction industry, SCIA further enhances the integration of SCIA Engineer into the BIM workflow, including seamless task management.

Loads and Load Generators

Easily verifiable and more versatile automated load definition

One of the critical and time consuming steps in the design phase is the definition and application of loads. SCIA Engineer 17 includes several enhancements that help in this design phase. (read more)

Overall usability

Increased efficiency in day-to-day tasks and new, powerful results visualization options.

SCIA Engineer has been always powered by significant investments in R&D and by incorporating advanced technology innovations. Moreover, for the first time ever, SCIA Engineer 17 is also bringing specific features and improvements collectively chosen by our customers in a survey conducted at the end of 2016.