SCIA Engineer 15


The four main themes for the release of SCIA Engineer 15 are:

Fast and transparent concrete design

A revolutionary solution for design & checking of reinforced concrete columns & beams in compliance with EN 1992 for standard and general cross-sections. Includes new functions, clear & transparent reporting and reviewed performance.

Open platform

Easily integrate your design workflow: Your tailor made calculations and code checks connected into the SCIA Engineer platform. Includes transparent output with formulas and dynamic drawings. Enables a better collaboratison with partners.

Engineering report

Your integrated and dynamic reporting tool further enhanced with new functionality. Extended import capabilities, higher speed and layout options, fully replacing the old Document. A brand new detailed window replacing the old preview.

User improvements

A large number of new features, improvements and extensions in many parts of SCIA Engineer: 3D results, Open Design, dynamic analysis, plasticity, steel design, steel connections, Table Input, Table Results, ...


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