Timber code check



Brief introduction

The timber code check facilitates the user to design and optimize timber structures according to the principles of EC-EN 1995-1-1. It consists of a stress and stability verification of timber members according to the Eurocode inclusive a wide range of National Annexes.

The analysis may be performed in two different ways: a first order analysis without redistribution or a second order analysis with reduced stiffness in order to take into account the nonlinearities of the model.

Detailed Technical information

For engineers who design structures composed of timber member elements according to EC-EN 1995-1-1, SCIA has an integrated solution for modeling/ analysis /check for both limit states, with clear engineering reports and automated drawings.


  • The timber structure can be solved within the larger model, including the parts made of other materials
  • Full integration of the Eurocode methodology (under which EC5) including an extensive list of Nationally Determined parameters
  • Second order analysis with reduced stiffness according to EN 1995-1-1
  • Autodesign of cross-sections for the ULS timber checks
  • SLS check including creep
  • Checks of tapered and curved members (SCIA Engineer 2013)
  • Optimal speed of timber code check with multithreading support

Timber materials

The existing library for timber materials has been updated according to the latest version of Eurocode 5.

The timber code check is supported for the types:

  • Solid timber
  • Glulam timber

Astrid Bastiaens