Steel connections according to EN 1993-1-8:2005



GUI improvements

The new version of SCIA Engineer improves user experience through better setup for default values and methods, and clearer representation of input and output values in calculation reports. Furthermore, performance is ensured through better software architecture.

Improvements in the calculation

All possible combinations of groups of bolt-rows are considered according to EN 1993-1-8:2005 (see Article (4)b). This ensures that the critical bolt-group is always discovered upon evaluation of the tensile resistance of T-stubs.

A faster and more accurate procedure for the calculation of the α-coefficient is implemented. For this, the following reference is used:

Watford, “Design of Structural Connections to Eurocode 3 – Frequently Asked Questions.” Editors: Moore D.B., Wald F. Published by: Building Research Establishment Ltd., September 2003, ISBN 80-01-02838-0.

The formulas used in the α-coefficient calculation are derived from the original mechanical model used in the Eurocode based on yield line theory.

In addition, improvements are made in the output of additional resistances in the case when four bolts per row are used. The clear calculation summary and the added intermediate values eliminate all “black-box” effects and misinterpretations.