Various improvements in SCIA Engineer 14



Description fields

Additional references and descriptions have been added to the Setup for options related to the EC-EN 1990 norm as well as in the Setup for steel connection design.

Steel connections

The Setup for steel connections has been reorganised to make this menu more clear and various options easier to find. Separate sub-menus have been provided for bolt properties, weld/stiffeners properties, and structural joints. The later contains options related to the transformation of node forces, methods of calculation, etc. For every item in the new menu, a reference, a description and an application fields are filled in with relevant information.

The warning and message system of the steel connections module has been improved, especially related to fulfilling the limits for maximum and minimal distances between bolts. Pop-up messages are no longer displayed during the bolt definition - instead, a list if messages are shown in the bottom of the input dialogue, where normally descriptions are added. The messages are colour coded, to facilitate the bolt definition.

Calculation reports have been improved, mainly related to the component "column web in compression." Tables with intermediate values have been added for effective lengths, stresses in the column, etc. Improvements in other parts of the calculation report for Steel connections are ongoing.

New materials in the Material Library

Previous versions of the Material Library contained the steel grades listed in EN 1993-1-1 and EN 10025-1. In this version, materials according to the following norms are also available:

  • EN 10025-2
  • EN 10025-3
  • EN 10025-4
  • EN 10025-5
  • EN 10025-6
  • EN 10210-1
  • EN 10219-1

Thickness reduction rules are also included, according to the same standards.

New profiles in the Profile Library

Profiles from the profile gamma of the steel producer Voestalpine have been added to the Profile library. The profiles are cold-formed C-, U-, Z- and other shapes.

Iveta Georgieva