Improvements for the scaffolding industry



Detailed Technical information

Separate unity checks for scaffolding

The scaffolding check is expanded with seperate Unity checks. This gives a more clear output for the scaffolding check.

The final check value is the maximal value of the 4 seperate checks:

Unity check Max = max {Unity check N, Unity check V, Unity check M, Unity check Interaction}

HAZ in aluminium check

From the latest version of SCIA Engineer, HAZ zones are taken into account for the scaffolding aluminium check.

The value for the yield strength fy is taken as f0 in case the section is not located in a HAZ zone and f0,HAZ otherwise.

In SCIA Engineer a transverse weld is considered as a weld across the cross-section, i.e. the entire section is subjected to the influence of the weld.

This is conform EN 1999-1-1 article (5):

Improvement in non-linear couplers

In a first step non-linear cross-links were developed and linked to the scaffolding coupler library.

As an improvement the user can now also choose for a stiffness of the translations. This means that properties of ux, uy and uz can be set to free, flexible, rigid and nonlinear. These new types of hinges are sent to the solver for a final coupler check.

Next to this, the number of hinge types in the coupler library for cross-links were reduced to 3 types: right angle coupler, swivel coupler and general. In this way, unnecessary types which are only useful for hinges are not displayed.

Layher couplers

2 new coupler types have been added to the scaffolding coupler library:

  • Layher Variante K2000+
  • Layher Variante II

Astrid Bastiaens