Design Forms



What are Design Forms ?

Design Forms is a well-arranged and effective scripting tool for automation of engineering calculations. The application uses predefined forms where the user inserts the input data (load, geometry, cross-section and material properties, etc.).

Design Forms generate a clear report of the performed calculations based on the input variables and predefined equations. This report can be printed, saved to a drive and edited in a text editor.

Design Forms is distributed with a set of forms that can be used immediately after installation. These forms are certified by SCIA, and cover the design of various types of structural parts.

Design Forms - User

The Design Forms User is a standalone application which uses predefined templates, certified by SCIA or created by the user.

This application uses manually inputted data, runs the engineering calculation on the fly and produces a clear output which can be printed or saved.

In addition to the 85 certified forms that are included by default, you can also use any form created in the Builder.

Clear, easy to use interface
Input of user values and use of libraries
Different layouts for the output (depending on the form)
Fast on-screen response
It can be used for every kind of calculation
85 certified forms included


Design Forms - Builder

The Builder version is the actual scripting tool in Design Forms. Here the user is in full control. Variables may be defined along with their units, scripts can be written, images and other graphics added in order to prepare the contect and layout of the new form.

Writing the scripts is simplified so that even inexperienced users are quickly able to adjust to the scripting environment and are not faced with steep learning curves. A list of commands and examples is available in the Design Forms Online Help.

The interface is intuitive

The Design Forms Builder differs from similar other tools in that it is exclusively intended for engineering purposes, but can easily be used in other contexts as well.

A number of engineering libraries are also provided. This help in focussing on the real task: writing the form.

Available libraries
Steel cross section library
Cross section library
Steel class library
Timber class library
Bolt library


Overview of the scripting features
Conditions, loops, blocks
Mathematical operations
Text operations
Boolean operations
Use of external calculations (embedding other forms)
Concrete library


Highlights of Design Forms
Easy to use tool, dedicated for users or developers
+85 certified design templates included
Predefined engineering libraries
Possibility to market your own forms
WYSIWYG- output
Different levels (detailed / brief / ...) of representation
Both the interface and forms can be localised to your local language
Design Forms community
Integration with SCIA Engineer (OPEN Checks) is possible

Stefan Belmans