Open checks in SCIA Engineer 15.2



Improvements and extensions in Open Check implemented in SCIA Engineer 15.2 can be summarised in the following points.

Access to data parameters

Accessibility to data parameters in Design Forms is extended for buckling data (steel buckling data, info about number of spans, position in the system, cantilever, top/bottom LTB length, ...). The main goal of this extension is to provide all required buckling data from SCIA Engineer for the execution of the checks.

Increase of the productivity

Improvement in exchanging data between Design Forms and SCIA Engineer results in both a speed and memory gain.


Transparency in all outputs whenever there is an issue in the calculation. If an error occurs during the calculation in Design Forms the value is set to NaN (Not a Number). In order to be fully transparent the handling of NaN is also updated in SCIA Engineer with the same value; in this way in all outputs it is clear whenever an issue occurs in the calculation.