Enhancements in OpenAPI in v.19.1



Definition of line support
Definition of line load
Definition of combination
Possibility to define type of constrain conditions

In SCIA Engineer 19.0, we have released our first stage of our OpenAPI. You can use it for model and calculation within MS Excel or your programmed application in C#. With recent release of SCIA Engineer, we have enhanced possibilities of our OpenAPI based on your feedback. We have focused on the strengthening of the modelling part. With new release, you are able to set type of constrain condition for nodal support. We have also added line support on beams and edges of 2D members. Here you have the full capability to select type of constrain conditions (free, rigid, flexible) as well as in the case of nodal support. In the case of load, we have made two main enhancement. The first one is creation of line load on beams as well as on the edge of 2D member. You can have linear as well as trapezoidal distribution. The second one is definition of combinations from load cases which you have defined in your code. Combination could be created based on the national standard. If so, you have accessible option to define type of combination (e.g. ULS set C etc.). Once you defined combination, you can ask results of such combination after linear calculation with simple method.