Imagine, you want to optimize steel frame or create parametric model of concrete office building in SCIA Engineer. How difficult is could be? With SCIA Engineer 19.0, it is easy due to our new Open API. It is our contribution to the next level of interoperability and connection to the 3rd party applications. With Open API you can create your own application which communicate with SCIA Engineer. Open API supports various range of programming languages and scripts - C#, VB.Net, Python, VBA, PowerShell etc. You have possibility to run SCIA Engineer, open project, import IFC file, model from Tekla Structures or Revit through file; you can create materials or choose the predefined one, cross-sections from library or parametric ones, create beams and slabs, create load groups, load cases, point and surface load, point support. You can run linear calculation and read results of the calculation. Once you create template project, then you can use also non-linear calculation or stability analysis.

We have also provided developers documentation of Open API and accompanied it with examples in selected languages in our company GitHub repositories. You have here basic read me for smooth start of development in selected language and spinets of working source code to present the capabilities of Open API methods on simple structure.

Easily connects SCIA Engineer to your solution
Supports many programming and scripting languages: C#, VB.Net, Python...
Provides functions to open SCIA Engineer project, define materials and cross-sections, create beams and slabs, define loads and other model data, run linear analysis and read the results
Supports non-linear and stability analysis via a template project