ESA_XML enhancements



Did you use ESA_XML tool to generate and calculate your structure in SCIA Engineer? Have you been facing with the question how to easily produce report from your calculation? We have now answer for your question. In SCIA Engineer 19.0, the ESA_XML tool have been extended with possibility to regenerate Engineering Report . With this release, you can define Engineering Report in a template project and use it together with ESA_XML tool. You can define several Engineering Report in one project and the select one of the during work with the tool. Moreover, you are able to export this report into the various formats such as rtf, pdf etc.

We have also added option to update SCIA Engineer project with MS Excel file with definition of analysis model in SAF format. This format enables the definition of analytical model in MS Excel as an simple sheets with defined nodes, members, loads etc. User can easily use this method to create file for update instead of definition of XML.

Support for creation of Engineering Report
Export of Engineering report into RTF, PDF, etc.
Update of a project using Excel file prepared in SAF format