Design Forms 16.0



User application

Drawing in User application was improved, there were some differences between Builder and User.

Builder application


  • Script analysis tool – the behaviour of original tool was completely reworked
  • Debugger improvements - variables are added to the watch list, debugging is now working correctly also in 'extern' user functions
  • Outlining - collapse all block, functions... in the code by one click
  • Open for edit button - Read only opened code can be opened for editing by one click
  • Trace viewer improvement - Old trace listened and Code analysis were merged together
  • Export of the code/functions to Enterprise Architect
  • Script coverage by autotests - feature for evaluation of coverage of the script by autotests
  • Batch CLS resave - tool for fast resave of all forms

Script improvements

  • Documentation of the script by Doxygen
  • Internal functions are again displayed in capitals (Compare -> COMPARE)
  • FOR cycle - New grammar based on C# is available
  • Operators - New operators based on C#
  • IntelliSense improvements – correct behaviour for variables with lower index