Wizard for user-defined attributes


Zuzana Hekrdlová

Wizard for user-defined attributes

If user creates one attribute definition it can be inserted on more elements in SCIA Engineer. Those instances will contain the same layout (the same parameters) but the content is editable.

For example: The attribute definition is Colour with 3 options - red, blue and green.This definition is inserted 5 times to the project - once as red, twice as blue and twice as green. The definition is one but there are 5 instances of this definition with the different value.

The attribute wizard allows user to create the attribute definition in few steps.

Wizards steps

Each step will predefine some needed values for the attribute definition.

1) The definition of the name, icon used in the service and picture placed in the property dialogue (icon and picture is optional)

2) Parameters - string, number, checkbox and combobox

3) The label form, localization and the attribute owner

Attribute parameter types

The user attribute can contain 4 different types of parameters:

  1. String - the text string is the most simplest value
  2. Number - there is a possibility to predefine the range (limit values), units or if he numbers is summable in the document table
  3. Checkbox - there are two possibilities - YES/NO
  4. Combobox - the list of items with the default value which is pre-selected

Each type has its own part where the appropriate values are defined.

The parameter number - option “summable”

There is a possibility to sum the parameter with number and put the results to the document table.

There is a checkbox which turns on this functionality.

The document table:

The attribute shape

The attribute label shape is predefined in the last step of the wizard.


Each language has its own table with used strings.

The label content

All parameter values can be visible or hidden in the label. The attribute label can contain names of parameters, units and values.

Attribute owner

Some attributes don’t make sense on all element types (e.g. the area is not a property of beam).

There is a special dialogue for the attribute owner selection.