View parameters for 2D-linegrid and storeys


View parameters

Linegrids have a different behavior for 3D window. When the active tree service is Line grid and Storeys – the linegrid is selectable and it is displayed only in the working plane as default.

When active service is something else (Main, Structure ...) then the linegrid cannot be selected.

This behavior ensure that user don’t delete any linegrid by mistake.

When service Linegrid and Storeys is closed:

When service Linegrid and Storeys is opened:

View parameters for linegrid levels in storeys

Linegrid can be displayed on every storey level. This setting (Grid projection) is displayed in the view parameters when Storeys are inserted to the project.

User can display the linegrid on all levels or only on selected ones.

The example shows situation when the linegrid is displayed only on one storey level:

How to display the linegrid only in predefined storey levels:

  1. Switch off linegrids on all levels
  2. Select only some storey levels - those which should display the linegrid
  3. Open view parameters for selected
  4. Switch on the visibility of the linegrid on storey (option Grid projection)
  5. Close the dialogue

Zuzana Hekrdlová