Filtering rows in Table Input and Table Results



The Filtering row allows user to filter each column in the table according to the inserted value. It is possible to filter strings, numbers, list in combo-boxes or libraries.

The filtered table always shows items which fulfil all the conditions in the row, it means that it is possible to filter the table using more values.

The filter stays active even when user switch to another tab and back.

Starting the filtering row

The row is hidden as a default. It can be started by a button in the table toolbar (Table input or Table results). This button shows and hides the row.

The row is marked by the magnificent glass on the row header and each cell has the same symbol inside.

Filtering one column

Write required value to the cell in the filtering row.

Filter coordinates using number 1, all the values with ...1... in them is filtered.

Filtering more columns

Write required values to more cells in the filtering row.

Cancelling filter

Each value in the filtering row may be cancelled by the small cross button in the cell . The whole filtering setting may be cancelled by the cross button on the row header.


Row header:

Zuzana Hekrdlová