Table Editor in SCIA Engineer 2012



Brief introduction

With the extensions of the table editor in SCIA Engineer 2012, a complete and userfriendly tool is at your disposal for the numerical input and adjustment of the model data.

Two nice functionalities have been added to the table editor:

- Filter on activity: What you see in the 3D window is what you get in the table

- Organizer for tabs: This allows you to have a clean overview of the desired tabs

Detailed Technical information

Filter on activity

A new button has been added to the table: Activity in Table.

Once this button is enabled (which is the default setting), all activities are taken into account.

This is the fact for all types of activities: by selection, by working plane, by layer, etc. This means: what you see in the 3D window is what you get in the table. And vice versa.

Organizer for tabs

In the latest version a lot of new tabs have been added. On one hand, the more is supported, the better. But the user should be able to organize his/her tabs.

This is possible: clicking on the right mouse button, following menu appears:

This gives the user the option to activate or de-activate tabs in the table.

Additional Information

See also table improvements in SCIA Engineer 2011.1

Astrid Bastiaens