Table Editor in SCIA Engineer 2011.1



Brief introduction

One of the most noticeable novelties of SCIA Engineer 2011 was the new Table Editor whose main advantage is the possibility for numerical input and adaptation of structural elements with the support Copy/Paste from and to Excel. In SCIA Engineer 2011.1 several nice new features have been added:

  • table for loads and layers,
  • link between table and graphical window, i.e. when anything is selected in the table, it is also selected in the 3D window and vice versa,
  • insert row possibility.

Detailed Technical information

Table for loads and layers

In SCIA Engineer 2011, Table supported: Geometry, Supports and Load panels.

In new version Loads and Layers have been added:

By means of the table layers, the user can directly switch on and off layers. This is immediately visible on the screen.

Link between table and graphical window

Table and 3D window are now also linked. This means that if the user selects something in the table, it is also selected in the 3D window. And vice versa.

Multiselection is also possible:

Insert row possibility

In the first version of the table, it was only possible to insert new elements by copying rows and changing the properties in the table. In the new version, it is also possible to insert new rows. The required cells are highlighted in orange. This means that the user needs to fill in the data of these cells, other cells are optional. Example: The user wants to insert a new beam by means of the table. In this case the Begin and End Node are required. Other cells are filled automatically (based on default values).

Note: For 2D members the option Insert row is not yet supported

Besides this, it's also possible to insert new elements in a new project by means of the Table.

Suppose, you have an Excel with nodes. The coordinates of these nodes are a result of a formula:

Do you want to have this table into SCIA Engineer?

That's possible from now on! You just have to copy and paste this table from Excel into the nodes table of SCIA Engineer. Following geometry is obtained by copy/paste from Excel into SCIA Engineer in only 10 seconds!

Just try it yourself with the help of enclosed Excel file.

Astrid Bastiaens