Tab manager for table input


Default settings

The default layout of the tabs is displayed always when the application starts. The changes are applied for all opened projects. The default settings are restored when the application is restarted.

It contains all the geometry elements, some add data and library for layers (see the image above).

The tab manager

  1. Tabs in the Tab manager are sorted to 3 groups:
  2. Structure - contains members and supports
  3. Load - contains forces and moments (including type free)
  4. Libraries - contains Layers

“Select all” and “Unselect all” on the first level works for all tabs in the Table input.



The top option is “Select all” if at least one tab is checked.

The top option is “Unselect all” if all tabs are checked.

The tab which is activated is displayed in gray. This tab cannot be unchecked.


Group Structure:

Group Load:

Group Libraries:

Zuzana Hekrdlová