Start project dialogue in SCIA Engineer 14



The Start project dialogue appears when the application SCIA Engineer is started. It guides the user through the creation of a new or the opening of an existing project. It also offers Sample projects as tutorials to check the functionality in SCIA Engineer.

What is available:

  • Open new project, use a template for creation;
  • Open the recent project;
  • Check project data and preview;
  • Fast links to the current Webhelp, Resource centre and more;
  • Open and adapt the Protection settings;

The Start project dialogue supports several skins which coincide with skins in SCIA Engineer.

Recent projects

This part offers the same list of recent projects as Main menu / File. Moreover there are date and preview generated during the last saving.

New project

User can create a new project here. There is a standard selection of project types - Analysis, LTA, Scaffolder model IT and Structural edition.

The new project may be immediately started using one of templates in the list. The search box is available to find the template by its name.

This is option is automatically started when user clicks on the icon "New" on the main toolbar.

Sample projects

The list contains sample projects where user may check the functionality of SCIA Engineer. There is a PDF file with the step by step tutorial.

Most tutorials are delivered in English, Czech, German and French.

Examples of Sample projects:

  • Calculation and check of results on 2D member;
  • Preparing documentation about 2D results in Engineering Report;
  • Automated GA drawings;
  • Combinations and analysis of model;
  • Using 3D wind on 3D structure;
  • Steel code check;
  • and more;

Open project

This option opens the standard Open file dialogue. This is automatically started when user clicks on the icon "Open" on the main toolbar.

The preview of the *.esa file is available in all standard Windows Open dialogues and Explorer (even tutorials are accessible).

Project preview

Once the project is saved in version 14 or higher the project data are displayed in the right part of the dialogue.

The preview displays the image with the last modification when it was saved and the table contains all important information about the project (author, number of members, status of calculation, etc.).

Version 14.0:

Version 14.1:

When the project doesn’t contain project data the right part displays an illustrative images with explanatory text.

If the user want to save more preview images of the project; he has to saved to project with more viewports. Each viewport is saved as one image and the Start project shows them as a slideshow. Check this functionality in Sample projects.

Fast links

There is a list of fast links which helps user to find required information about the application or its settings.

  • Current webhelp;
  • Resource centre;
  • SCIA main site;
  • What’s new;
  • E-learning site;
  • Protection settings;
  • etc.

At last, the footer displays if an anti-virus program and/or firewall are active. This may be valuable information in case of issues.

Zuzana Hekrdlová