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Starting version 2012 SCIA Engineer comes with new visual style defaults for 3D Scene. Until now, SCIA Engineer used same visual style since first versions (SCIA ESA PT).

The goal is not only to provide users with pleasant and engaging visual style, but also support them in their everyday tasks, so they can interact with 3D Scene more accurately and effectively. New visual style for most frequently used entities is defined from common color palette.

In fact visual style is very important aspect of any software, as it is evident that work efficiency is higher while working with pleasant, readable and engaging 3D control rather than disturbing or inconsistent color schemes that can cause loosing of focus or even distraction.

Side effect is also change itself - any output or screenshot produced from SCIA Engineer 2012 can be easily identified and recognized from other software tools and will serve as unique trademark and represent the software brand.

SCIA Engineer 2012

Basic Color Scheme used in SCIA Engineer 2012

Palette settings dialog


Changes in 3D Control includes also new default fonts. SCIA Engineer is now using Microsoft standards valid from Windows Vista and newer operating systems. Default system font is Segoe UI and default documentation font is Calibri. Both of them are true type fonts. TrueType fonts are meant to be used on higher screen resolutions as they appear to be more thick comparing to line fonts which are defined only using simple lines.

While working with FEM Results, new fonts will enhance readability for all kinds of outputs, including results legends or labels.

Palette settings for fonts


SCIA Engineer 2012 comes with new default predefined skin of User Interface called "Microsoft Office 2010". Color scheme is the same as known from frequently used Microsoft products. User can change preferred skin anytime, however it is recommended to restart SCIA Engineer after any change affecting User Interface.


Another new feature in SCIA Engineer 2012 are Transparency settings for floating components. Any User Interface component that is not docked to fixed position will appear transparent. This setting is located in Options dialogue.

This option not only enhance visual style of SCIA Engineer User Interface, but it can add also help in navigation for users who prefer to use all main components in floating state. Typically this include users working on large screen resolutions such as 2560*1600.


It is evident that any settings related to visual style can be subjective and can depend on personal preference. Some kind of changes just needs some time "get used to".

One of the goal of this change is to gain attention to setup functionality in general. For any user who is keen to experiment, SCIA Engineer provides detailed Palette setup dialogues where all aspects of 3D Scene and pictures can be adjusted.

As we will pay attention to this aspect also in future, users are welcomed to send any kind of feedback related to visual style - which might include screenshots of Palette settings dialogue or SCIA Engineer itself.

Astrid Bastiaens