Reordering the parameters


Parameters allows the user to predefine a part of the structure as a parameter. The element which is linked to the parameter can be easily adapted by it afterwards.

The definition can be done by a simple value, mathematical formula or some more complex parameters.

The mathematical formula has one important condition - it can refer only to items which are inserted higher in the list. The reorder of the list allow the user to insert the value to the list (not only on the bottom), so the references can be correctly entered.

Inserting the parameter to the list

The library contains all parameters which was created in the project. If the user want to add a new one, it is placed to the bottom of the list. If the user need the new parameter higher, then the parameter must be inserted to appropriate position.

Select one parameter and use the insert button:

The new parameter is placed above the selected one:

The new parameter has the same settings as the last new one, in our case it is type Nothing. If we want to use it in parameter type length, it must be changed to the same type.

The new parameter can be used in the mathematical formula in “form1”.

Zuzana Hekrdlová