Miscellaneous Improvements in SCIA Engineer 15.2




Alignment of openings

The user is now capable of defining tolerances during alignment that determine whether openings that are close to edges will be aligned or not. A new item Keep openings in their original position was added to Align function properties. The main reason is that in some cases the opening edge is very close to 2D member edge but the movement of opening edge is not required. The option is ON by default.

Openings are aligned with the member edge (the previous state)

Openings are not aligned, remains in their original position.

Dynamic analysis

It is now possible to simultaneously delete all masses within a mass group. A new action button Delete all masses was added in Mass groups manager. The action button deletes all masses (input and generated) from selected Mass group.

Export to Allplan via IFC

The old interface with Allplan is substituted by new one based on IFC file format. File > Export> Allplan (.ifc) produces the IFC file optimized for Allplan thus no export dialog is shown.

Tekla Link Update

The direct link Scia to Tekla Structures for latest Tekla version has been compiled. Scia Engineer is now compatible with the Tekla Structures 21.1 and 2016.