Engineering Report in SCIA Engineer 15.2



Today, the Engineering Report is one of the most important parts of the design process. All designers take a special care about the final report. As in previous versions, also in 15.2 the user finds new improvement and new features. These features help the engineer clearly and effectively present the result of the design.

What’s new in Engineering Report?

  • Improvement in importing PDF files and external images to engineering report.
  • Keeping the name of chapter together with pictures.
  • Taking chapters into account for dynamic size of pictures.
  • The new functionality of table picture generator.
  • Exporting the Engineering Report to MS Excel without formatting.
  • Sorting in ChapterMaker according to the order in database (library) manager.
  • Enabling property colours in tables.

Why this improvement are useful?

Under the category of special items in the engineering report new features are developed and new items are added. The user can now very simply add an external PDF file or image.

To save the time and to make the use of Engineering Report in SCIA Engineer more practical, it is now possible to generate table results and the necessary images related to that table just with a few clicks.

Exporting the Engineering Report to MS Excel file is also available in Engineering Report