Import of dynamic functions via XML



Detailed Technical information

Under Libraries > Loads the option Dynamic load functions is available.

The general dynamics load case may subject a node to a Dynamic load function.

The time dependent load analysis is based on modal superposition. As a result a time integration can be done with the time dependent loads that have been defined.

The dynamic load functions sometimes represent an accelerogram. This is the graphical output from a seismograph, an instrument that automatically detects and records the intensity, direction and duration of earthquakes.

Following picture explains how the input of an accelerogram can be simplified in the case of a standard building:

Such an accelerogram may contain thousands of lines when sending it to a text file. With other words, direct manual input in SCIA Engineer is impossible.

This can now be done with the update of XML files for dynamic load functions. This is available under File > Update > XML file.


Astrid Bastiaens