Filtering in libraries



Filtering by property in System database

SCIA Engineer 15.3 extends the capabilities of filtering in program libraries. In every library manager (known also as database manager) the user could filter the displayed items. It was (and still is) possible to display only e.g. the items used in the project, items matching a specified wildcard criteria (S3*), etc.

SCIA Engineer 15.3 adds this filter also to system libraries, i.e. libraries integrated in SCIA Engineer and containing predefined items such as mass produced profiled steel sheeting.

Automatic opening of system library

If a first item is to be defined in any of SCIA Engineer libraries (materials, cross-sections, etc.) for which a system library with predefined items is available, the program automatically opens the system library so that the user can choose from it. In the past a "dummy" item was created in the project library.