Engineering Report in 2013.1



The new Engineering Report in version 2013 was a huge leap forward. The new concept ensured a flexible and stable report at your fingertips.

In 2013.1 we improved the Engineering report even more. Extensive data in a table, but with limited columns can now be split up (in the table layout editor). This way you can use the available paper space in an optimal way.

Pictures have been added to our ChapterMaker in 2013.1. This means you can now apply indenting of pictures and have repeating pictures with the same logic as was the case in the old document. Pictures as such now have an “Automatic scale to fit size” property and can be edited directly in the document.

Among the general improvements we must highlight the use of frames for more freedom in the layout. This way the user can freely position each item in the report.

The formatted text also got an upgrade and offers now a basic preview.

And these are just some of the many improvements in the Engineering Report.

Others are:

  • direct export to RTF,
  • extended support for the single checks,
  • zoom-all for pictures,
  • faster opening and less memory consumption for existing reports,
  • performance boosts.