Design Forms in Engineering Report



Design Forms in Engineering Report

Design Forms was one of the major novelties last year.

As you know, Design Forms is a stand alone tool, complementary to SCIA Engineer, and focusses on small and dedicated calculationswith a clear and transparent output.

In SCIA Engineer 14 you will be able to link Design Forms for 1D members directly to SCIA Engineer. Integration of other kinds of checks will come in the near future.

Still, SCIA Engineer 14 will already bring Design Forms and SCIA Engineer closer together.

The Engineering Report in SCIA Engineer 14 will feature a new item in the "Special Items" Group, which will enable you to insert a Design Form right into your report

Once inserted, the edit-button will automatically launch the USER application and load the desired Design Form

In the USER you do your calculation as you would do in the stand alone form.

Upon Exit, the output of the calculation is inserted in the Engineering Report.

Please note that ONE Design Forms item in the navigator corresponds to and is linked with a Design Forms project, which can in fact contain multiple calculations;

The Engineering Report will display all the outputs included in the project, separated by a pagebreak.

The data, used in the calculations is also stored in the SCIA Engineer project.

This allows you to easily edit, change or update a calculation.

Next to one Design Forms item with multiple calculations, you can also opt for multiple Design Forms items with one (or more calculations).