End + Continue command


The End+continue is another functionality similar to End and Cancel.

End - confirms the inserting and stops the input functionality

Cancel - aborts the inserting and stops the input functionality

When a user wants to insert an element with different properties, he must use End (or Cancel), start the functionality again and change properties of the new element.

End+continue allows the user to continue with the current functionality and insert an element with different properties.

How it works

  1. start the input dialogue in a standard way
  2. insert the first element and use End+continue in the context menu
  3. the first element is inserted and the properties are displayed, change the property which should be different on the second element
  4. insert the second element, this is inserted with the different properties

Which commands are supported

All geometric elements can be inserted without problems - e.g. beams, members, lines, supports ...

Polygons - the first polygon with at least 3 edges must be closed and then the second polygon can be inserted with modified properties - e.g. plates, shells, openings, ...

There are also some add data which doesn’t support this functionality. It is member data which launches another dialogue during the input - e.g.concrete member data.

Zuzana Hekrdlová