Clipboard support for dynamic functions



Brief introduction

With the arrival of the table editor it was the first time that clipboard support is available into SCIA Engineer.

Many companies receive Excel sheets or other text formats from third parties which contain data for geometry, loads and other project data.

In a next step, the tables for Seismic Spectrum and Dynamic load functions have been improved in order to support copy/paste to clipboard.

Detailed Technical information

Dynamic load functions

Under Libraries > Loads the option Dynamic load functions is available.

The general dynamics load case may subject a node to a Dynamic load function.

The time dependent load analysis is based on modal superposition. As a result a time integration can be done with the time dependent loads that have been defined.

The dialogue for Dynamic Load Function allows the user to input two functions which will be composed by means of multiplication or sum.

In this dialogue a new option has been added to copy the table to clipboard and/or to paste copied values into the table. This possibility is available in the context menu when clicking on row header.

Use cases:
  • The dynamic load function is available in an excel sheet. This can be easily copied from Excel into the Dynamic load function dialogue
  • The table of function 1 can be copied into the table of function 2. Afterwards, the user can adapt the values.

Seismic spectrum

Another table which has been improved for clipboard support is the dialogue for introduction of Seismic Spectra.

Also here the context menu contains the options Copy all/ Paste all.

Astrid Bastiaens