Clash check



The clash check is a functionality mainly used for BIM. The imported structure may cause some collisions. This can be calculated by the Clash check. The clash check generates solids where the elements intersect each other.

Each collision object has its own label. This label contains information which original members caused the collision.

Display mode

The structure with collision objects is automatically displayed as transparent. Calculated collisions are listed in the collision tree. Collisions and original elements can be highlighted graphically. Select one collision in the tree and the object is displayed by the red colour. The elements which caused this collision is displayed by the blue colour. The original elements can be highlighted by the blue colour separately.

Predefined types and user selection

The groups for comparison are:

User selection - graphically created in the 3D window, the toolbar for selections can be used, the selected elements appear in the text box

Layer - one predefined layer, all available layers are displayed in the combobox

Named selection - one predefined namd selection, all available named selections are displayed in the combobox

Element type - 1D, 2D members, solids and freebars, all are displayed in the combobox

One or two groups

The functionality has two possibilities - to compare one group or two groups.

One group means that all elements in the selection will be compared between each other. When all elements in the project is selected as a user selection, then all are compared.

Two groups means that elements from the first groups will be compared with the elements from the second one.

Here is a small example - the structure contains 3 layers:

1) When the first group is Layer 1 and the second group is Layer 2, the collisions are calculated only between them

2) When the first groups is changed to Layer 3, then the results is different

Zuzana Hekrdlová