Activity settings in the table input


Activity button

The activity in the table input is controlled by a button on the table toolbar.

It is switched on by the default. The content from the 3D window and the table input is the same. User can activate only some layers, storeys or selection.

When the button is switched off then the table input contains all inserted members (even those which are not displayed in the 3D widow).

All table input tools can be used when the activity is ON – e.g. filtering, sorting, copying …

Tab layers

This tab is one possibility how to adapt the 3D project visibility by the table input.

User can switch visible layers directly in the table input and the 3D model reacts immediately on the settings. The activity by layers must be switched on by the button.

Possible use cases

The activity in the project can be used with additional filtering in the table input:

  1. The first filter is done by activity itself
  2. The second filter can be used directly in the table input
Example 1 - hide some layer and filter between the rest again by layers

Example 2 - hide some layers and filter the rest according to its properties

Example 3 - hide some members by activity by selection and filter the rest only by tabs

Tips for using activity

The highlight can be used for the activity by selection. The highlighted members are selected in the 3D window automatically. When user use the activity by selection then only the highlighted members will be displayed in the 3D window.

This can be used for searching a specific member in the large structure.

The filtering can be used when the activity is switched on.

Zuzana Hekrdlová