Table Input and Table Results in SCIA Engineer 15



This version of SCIA Engineer brings a number of usability improvements in Table Input and Table Results. The two features provide great freedom in modelling and review of results by linking to database management and spreadsheet applications.

General improvements in toolbars

  • Tables can now be exported to Engineering Report directly from the toolbar ribbon. A button on both the Table Input and Table Result ribbon allows the user to send the table, as displayed, to Engineering Report as a separate item. Currently active settings and selection are preserved.
  • Member selection can be filtered via the Table Input menu based on the cross-section name or other properties, e.g. structural type.
  • Numbers are now aligned by decimal delimiter. This seemingly cosmetic tweak improves readability and helps apprehend columns quickly.
  • Clear sort settings: a third click on a column header now clears all sorting settings and restores the original arrangement.
  • All Table Input and Table Results settings can be restored to defaults via the 'Reset GUI' button in the main options. The corresponding XML file is deleted from the user folder.

Table Input improvements

  • The Table Input structure has been reorganised to avoid tabs overcrowding the screen. The new arrangement includes primary tabs to the left (vertical) -- representing the categories Structure/Load/Libraries, whereas the secondary tabs (horizontal) are located on the bottom. Both primary and secondary tabs are designated with icons as well, to simplify their use.
  • New secondary tabs are continually being added. This release features new tabs 'Load cases,' 'Generated Force,' and 'Nonlinear Combinations.'
  • Selection of multiple rows can be used to create named selections of members. Selecting rows in Table Input means that the corresponding model entities in the 3D window are selected as well. It is now possible to save selections.

Table Results Improvements

  • This release comes with a new layout of the Table Results toolbar. Multiple tabs allow the user to open and consult multiple results tables at the same time. Upon calling a new result item, or pressing the Refresh button, a new tab is created by default. Previously open tabs remain unchanged. This allows the user to, e.g. look at (table) results for multiple result items, or at the same result item for different sets of members.
  • A button "Delete all tabs" is provided to clear the Table Results.
  • Selection via properties window - it is now possible to determine the selection of members for which results are to be shown via the properties window of the result item.
  • Table Results now displays colour-coded extremities in each column of a table -- dark red for maximum values and dark blue for minimum values.
  • New tabs were added in this release - 1D concrete design for EC2 and NBR 6118, Subsoil C-parameters, Subsoil - other data, 2D members - contact stresses.
  • A progress bar is now added to the Table Results toolbar. It is useful for large projects, when one needs to wait for the Table Results to be populated with results.