Revit and Tekla link in SCIA Engineer 19.1



Import and export of openings in 2D members in Tekla Structures link
Import of reinforcement created from conversion of designed reinforcement from SCIA Engineer to Revit.

In SCIA Engineer 19.1, we have extended our Tekla Structures link. You can define 2D member opening of any shape in Tekla Structures and export it to SCIA Engineer and vice versa. That's very useful so that you can save some time of the modelling of opening after the export. Now, finally you can model slab with opening for staircase or wall with opening for window.

As we have released conversion of designed reinforcement to real bars in SCIA Engineer 19.0, we cannot stay behind in the case of our link with Revit and possibility to export of reinforcement. And that is happening now with SCIA Engineer 19.1. You can enjoy the feature of the conversion of reinforcement and option to export it from SCIA Engineer to Revit so that you can finish the detailing of reinforcement as you are used to. Moreover, you can combine input of user reinforcement and converted one. Once you have this mixed of reinforcement finalized in SCIA Engineer you can also make an export to Revit.